Espresso Blend Coffee Pods

NotesDark Chocolate, Walnuts, Muscovado
OriginBrazil, Colombia, Honduras

Product Description

Start your day off right with a café-worthy coffee. Our Espresso Blend coffee pods includes ten Nespresso® compatible coffee pods that can be used to create an intoxicatingly intense cup of joe.

Each Arabica coffee pod has been designed to transport you to the luscious lands of South America. In just one sip you’ll find your tastebuds dancing over the gorgeous grasslands of Brazil, Honduras and Colombia.

Our Espresso Blend was created to deliver you a truly intense ristretto-style coffee experience that you can enjoy at any time of the day. No matter if you enjoy indulging in frothy coffees or just need a convenient caffeinated shot, this full-bodied roast will see you through dusk till dawn. As you sip this smooth blend, you’ll discover a symphony of aromatic flavours such as dark chocolate, walnuts and muscovado.

One of the benefits of our Espresso Blend coffee pods is how quick and easy they are to use – ideal for those with on-the-go lifestyles. Plus, as our pods are perfectly calculated, you’ll be sure to have a consistent coffee every time. For slower-paced days, indulge in the art of grinding your own beans with a bag of our Signature Blend whole bean coffee. Or, if you want to make a barista-quality brew without a grind, try out our ready-to-go Signature Blend Ground coffee bags too.

Looking for speedy sweet flavour? Check out our Signature Blend Coffee Pods.

Plant to Pot: Each Reviva coffee bean goes on a long and lustrous journey that starts in in South America – specifically at a coffee plantation. These sustainable farms are home to thousand of coffee plants and just one plant could take up to four years to produce coffee beans. When they do, the farmer will handpick the beans and begin to process them quickly to avoid any loss of flavours. After they have been processed, they are sent on their way to us to begin roasting.

Grown with Care: All of our Arabica coffee comes from sustainable farms based in Colombia, Honduras and Brazil. We exclusively work with only Rainforest Alliance certified farms that share our environmental practices and ethos.

Crafted to Perfection: The secret to creating this intense ristretto-style coffee experience is in how we roast the beans. We have a controlled roasting process where we only roast small batches of beans to ensure we capture the perfect flavour profile.

Uplifting Delight: Our rich Espresso Blend has been crafted to give you that cafe flavour in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re after a caffeinated hit in your morning flat white or a cheeky pick-me-up after lunch, this versatile bend has you covered. With just one sip, your tastebuds will be treated to the sweet zing of muscovado and walnuts all – wrapped up in delicious dark chocolate.

Brewing instructions: Our coffee pods have all been carefully measured to provide you with a perfectly balanced caffeinated boost. Each of them is engineered to seamlessly integrate with Nespresso machines, providing an impeccable performance perfectly suited for home use.


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