Coffee Pods Trio Pack

OriginBrazil, Colombia, Honduras

Product Description

Customise your coffee breaks with our Coffee Pods Trio Pack. Know your favourite blend? Perfect, you can order all three boxes and start stocking up for your morning brew. Or if you like to mix it up depending on the day of the week, why not try both of our coffee pod blends?

Inside each box of capsules, you’re treated to ten Nespresso® compatible coffee pods. All of our Arabica coffee comes from South America and our pods are no different. With just one sip you’ll be transported to the flourish lands of Brazil, Honduras and Colombia.

Our well-balanced and rounded Signature Blend is a versatile roast that will see you through dusk till dawn. This best-selling blend has something for everyone with its delicious notes of caramel, chocolate brownie, nuts and red fruits.

If you’re after something stronger, indulge in a box of our Espresso blend. This intense ristretto-style coffee experience will have your tastebuds dancing to a symphony of aromatic flavours such as dark chocolate, walnuts and muscovado.

Coffee pods are designed to be convenient for those with busy on-the-go lifestyles. That’s why ours have all been perfectly measured out to ensure that every cup tastes consistent. However, if you prefer to grind your own beans, explore our whole bean coffee. Or if you want the freshness without the grinding, explore our ready-to-go ground coffee bags.

Plant to Pot: Our coffee beans go on an exciting journey before they end up with you. Each bean begins its life on a South American farm. These sustainable farms normally grow thousands of coffee plants at a time, with some taking up to four years to bear cherries. The coffee beans are inside those cherries and so once harvesting is possible, the farmers will handpick the beans. Once the beans are harvested, the farms must quickly begin processing as oxidisation can affect the flavour of the beans. Then, they will embark on their journey to us for roasting.

Grown with Care: We exclusively work with Rainforest Alliance certified farms. This means that that our Arabica coffee is ethically sourced from sustainable farms in Colombia, Honduras and Brazil.

Crafted to Perfection: We only roast our coffee beans in small batches. This is a lengthy process but
ensures that all of our coffee meets our desirable flavour profile.

Uplifting Delight: Enjoy our Signature Blend first thing in the morning or as an after-dinner caffè. With just one small sip you’re tastebuds will experience the zing of red fruits and nutty notes, all wrapped up in a caramel and chocolate brownie base.

For dark roast coffee enthusiasts, our Espresso Blend delivers intense flavour that will revitalise your mind, body and soul. This deeply delicious blend features notes of dark chocolate, walnuts and muscovado.

Brewing instructions: All of our coffee capsules have been measure to provide you a consistent caffeinated boost. Simply place the pod in the brewing chamber (our pods are Nespresso® compatible) and let the magic happen! Engineered with precision, Reviva capsules ensure an exceptional performance, catering perfectly to the needs of home coffee enthusiasts.

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