Signature Blend Coffee Bags x 2

NotesCaramel, Chocolate Brownie, Nuts, Red Fruits
OriginBrazil, Colombia, Honduras

Product Description

Choose two of our Signature Blend coffee bags.

You can select either:

  • Two 250g Signature Blend Ground Coffee Bags
  • Two 250g Signature Blend Whole Coffee Bags
  • One 250g Signature Blend Ground Coffee

Bag & one 250g Signature Blend Whole Coffee Bag

With our Signature Blend Coffee bonus pack, you have the option to choose any two of our coffee bags.

If you enjoy indulging in a convenient caffeinated drink, why not try a bag of our Arabica ground coffee? This ready-to-brew bag had been ground in-house by our coffee connoisseurs to ensure that our roast is flavoursome and fresh.

Or do you like to customise your coffee and create something suited to your own personal taste? If so, treat yourself to a bag of our whole beans. These South American beans offer you the freshest grind possible. You can also control the coarseness of the grind which will slightly alter the flavour

Our full-bodied Signature Blend explores the gorgeous grasslands of Brazil, Colombia, and Honduras. With every sip, from ground or whole beans, you’ll experience an intoxicating dance on your tastebuds. On the aromatic journey, you’ll discover delightful notes of profiles of caramel, chocolate brownie, nuts and red fruits.

Plant to Pod: Our Reviva coffee beans go on quite the journey before reaching you. They start their life off at sustainable South American coffee plantations, where the plants can take up to four years to bear cherries. Once the plant has produced cherries, the farmers will handpick the beans from inside. Each bean will then be processed quickly as to avoid any oxidisation that may affect the flavour. Then they are packed up and sent on their journey to us to begin roasting.

Grown with Care: We take pride in only working with Rainforest Alliance certified farms. This means that all our Arabica coffee has been ethically sourced and expertly crafted on specialist farms based in Brazil, Colombia, and Honduras.

Crafted to Perfection: We go through a controlled roasting process to create the most flavoursome roast for our Signature Blend. We do this because we see roasting coffee as an art. To ensure that we provide the most aromatic and fresh coffee possible, we only roast in small batches. This means that each individual bean is treated with meticulous attention and has a more delicious profile.

Uplifting Delight: Our Signature Blend has been created to revitalise your mind, body and soul. With just one mouthful of our coffee, you’ll be treated to notes of red fruits and nuts, all wrapped up in the delicious flavours of caramel and chocolate brownie.

Whether you’re needing a quick cup to start the day or a reassuring late-night buzz, our carefully crafted coffee is ideal for any time of day. Just add a splash of warm milk to your balanced brew if you want to sweeten your next sip.

Brewing instructions: For our ground bean coffee, we recommend using a cafetière or filter coffee machine. Use approximately 15g of coffee per 250ml cup. Make sure the water is just below boiling and then leave it to brew for 3-4 minutes.

When it comes to our whole bean, simply grind them to your desired size. Quick tip: use coarse ground coffee if you are using a French press and medium grounds for drip-pour methods.

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