How To Make The Best V60 Coffee

Learn how to brew the best V60 coffee. Inside our expert guide, you’ll discover tips, tricks and techniques to elevate your pour-over coffee game.

Step into the flavourful world of Reviva coffee, where we show you how to transform your coffee-making process so you’ll want to savour every sip. Today, we’re talking about how to brew the perfect V60 coffee.

The V60, or pour-over, isn’t just any brewing method – it’s a symbol of coffee artistry. With its unique design and simple functionality, it’s the perfect way to maximise the flavour and aroma of your beans. Plus, unlike other brewing methods, the V60 gives you complete control over your brew. Simply adjust the water temperature, pour rate, and grind size to craft your perfect cup.

Want to brew coffee that revitalises and uplifts you? Just keep scrolling for our guide on how to make the best V60 coffee.

Essential Brewing Tools

  • A V60 Dripper, essential for pour-over brewing
  • Filter papers tailored for your V60
  • A jug or brewing chamber to catch every rich drop
  • A pour-over kettle, designed for precision pouring to achieve perfect extraction
  • Coffee grinder, if you’re starting with whole beans
  • Scales to ensure measurements – every gram counts
  • A stirrer to blend your concoction
  • A timer, to keep track of every brew moment


  • 15g of Reviva’s finest coffee: whether ground or whole-bean coffee, this is the foundation of your drink
  • Hot water, the essential element to bring your pour-over to  life

The Reviva ritual for V60 brewing

  1. Start by placing the filter inside the V60 and fold the seam to create a cone shape.
  2. Put the V60 atop your jug or brewing chamber.
  3. Pour hot water (approx. 94°C) over the filter and into the jug to dampen it, then discard the excess water.
  4. Add your ground coffee to the cone, and ensure it’s evenly distributed.
  5. Set a timer and pour 50ml of water over the coffee.
  6. After 30 seconds, continue pouring 120ml of water into the coffee in a slow, circular motion.
  7. Wait for one minute and enjoy the indulgent aroma.
  8. Finish by pouring 80ml of water over the coffee within 90 seconds.
  9. Gently stir to level out the grounds, then wait for the coffee to drip.
  10. After two to three minutes, your brew should be finished. Remove the filter and behold your perfect pour-over.

Reviva’s Touch: Beyond Brewing

At Reviva, we believe that every cup of coffee is a chance to reconnect with your most authentic self. Whether you’re a seeker of revitalization or an enthusiast of brewing, our V60 guide is more than a method – it’s a way of life for those who enjoy sitting down for freshly brewed coffee every day. In those moments, you can indulge in the rich aroma of your beverage and reflect on your day.

how to make best v60 coffee

Your Questions Answered

Can I use pre-ground coffee in a V60?
Absolutely! While grinding your own beans enhances flexibility and flavour, our pre-ground coffee is crafted to ensure you capture the essence of Reviva in every pour.

What size coffee grind works best with a V60?
Aim for a medium to fine grind, but remember, it’s all about personal preference. If your coffee drips too slowly, try adjusting to a coarser grind to find a brew right for you.

Why do I need to wet the filter paper first?
Preparing your filter paper is an essential step in crafting the perfect pour-over. Not only does it eliminate any paper taste that could seep into your brew, but it also serves to warm up your cup or jug before you pour.

Do I need a pour-over kettle for brewing V60 coffee?
While not essential, ‘Gooseneck’ or pour-over kettles are game-changers for V60 brewing. Their precision spouts offer control over water flow and direction. However, it’s important to remember that your intention and process are the key to creating a sound brew.

Reviva: More than Coffee

As you dive into the world of V60 brewing, know that Reviva is by your side. Our coffee isn’t just about flavour – it’s about rejuvenation in a fast-paced world and finding joy in every cup.

So brew with passion, live with purpose, and savour every sip.

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