How To Make The Best AeroPress Coffee?

Prepare to transform your coffee game. At Reviva, we’re passionate about brewing and love exploring ways to create flavourful beverages. That’s why this week, we’re exploring the innovative AeroPress coffee maker.

The AeroPress is all about simplicity for spontaneous and spirited coffee enthusiasts. It was designed for fuss-free espresso-style coffee but has evolved into a go-to for coffee lovers on the daily.

While it may resemble the French Press at first glance, the AeroPress sets itself apart with its unique brewing process. By harnessing air pressure, it delivers unparalleled flavour.

Ready to dive into AeroPress brewing? Keep scrolling to discover how to brew the perfect cup.

Essential brewing tools

  • AeroPress coffee maker, complete with scoop, funnel, filters and a stirrer
  • A reliable coffee grinder, if brewing whole beans is your style
  • A trusty kettle for delivering that all-important hot water
  • Precise scale, ensuring your coffee-to-water ratio is spot on
  • Your favourite mug or cup
  • A timer, for achieving the ultimate brewing consistency

Ingredients for a rich brew

  • 12g of Reviva coffee to kick-start your AeroPress adventure
  • Hot water, just shy of boiling, to bring your brew to life

Let’s start brewing with an AeroPress

  1. Boil your water using, aiming for 93°C.  For the perfect temperature, let the water cool for one minute after boiling.
  2. If you’re using whole bean coffee, now is the time to use your trusty coffee grinder.
  3. Assemble your AeroPress. Pre-wet the filter in the cap to ensure a clean start.
  4. Place the funnel on top of the press and pour in your ground coffee.
  5. Put the funnel on top of the press and add in your coffee.
  6. Pour in your hot water until it reaches the internal line, then let it sit for a minute.
  7. Give it a gentle stir for 10 seconds to ensure every grain is wet.
  8. Now, insert the plunger and slowly press down.
  9. Voila! A fresh and flavoursome brew ready to be sipped!

How to make the best AeroPress coffee

Reviva’s Brewing Tips & Tricks

What’s the best coffee to use in an AeroPress?
Whether you’re working with our Reviva whole-bean coffee or our ground blend, get ready to take your AeroPress brew to the next level. Just remember, an AeroPress needs your coffee to be ground.

What coffee grind works best?
For the ultimate AeroPress experience, aim for a medium-to-fine-grind. This ensures a rich and flavorful brew that’ll leave you craving another cup.

Is there only one way to brew coffee in an AeroPress?
Nope! There are endless ways to use your AeroPress and sing your signature revival. Try a coarser grind and longer immersion for a flavourful twist. Or, experiment with water temps for refreshing cold brews.

Why AeroPress with Reviva?
Reviva coffee and AeroPressing is a match made in heaven. Our carefully crafted beans deliver unparalleled flavour and richness, ensuring that every AeroPress brew is an experience for your taste buds.

So here’s to Reviva, with brews that fuel our days and revitalise life with vibrancy and optimistic energy.

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